"I've tried all the chocolate bars...all truly luscious...but the dark chocolate espresso crunch is transfixing: bewitching, astonishing, like tiny fireworks going off inside my mouth. Or, as they used to say in the '60s, 'Far Out!'"
Judy J., NYC area

"The chocolates arrived early this morning...what an excellent way to start off the weekend. The packaging is gorgeous and the caramels were amazing. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but they were so good that I did have to stop myself before I made myself sick."
Rachel F., Pennsylvania

"As a Thanksgiving gift, a guest brought me a box of your dark chocolate bark. I flipped out over its smooth, indulgent taste and refused to share it with my guests. My chocolate is all gone now, so I am ordering myself more of your delicious confections."
Marsha W., Long Island, New York
"You are very popular at our office. The consensus is that the caramels are superb. They are almost gone. There is no office opinion about the other two items because those are going home. What is not yet clear is if the parents intend to tell the children what is in the top shelf of the closet, behind the big box..."
Corporate customer, New Jersey

"You have a fabulous product. Your almond brittle with chocolate is one of my favorite things to have stuck in my teeth!"
Steve R., Utah

"I confess...that I ate THE WHOLE BOX!!! I didn't even leave two for [my kids]! They were totally delish!
Tara R., San Francisco

"Not only are your chocolates the finest we have ever had, and we have had chocolates from around the world, but your personal service is unique and made me feel that I wasn't just another number in a long line of numbers."
"I received my shipment of chocolates and they are as wonderful as I remember. The only problem is that they are so good, I'm going to have trouble giving them to the lucky giftees on my list. Delicious and beautifully packaged!"
Anne B., NYC area

"I know I just placed an order, but I need a refill...my staff keeps eating up your product!"
Shop owner, Vermont

"If you haven't tasted Sweet on Vermont chocolates, then you haven't tasted the best. With so many new chocolatiers that have sprouted in the USA, I can say, without hesitation, that these chocolates stand alone in their freshness, quality, taste and smooth texture. It's like eating silk. We give them to many of our friends and family over the holidays, who enjoy them immensely. And every gift card included in the package is handwritten."
"We have been buying Sweet on Vermont chocolates for more than 10 years. We live in Manhattan, where chocolatiers have sprouted up practically everywhere. Not one comes even close to Sweet on Vermont’s products. Their chocolates are truly the best, the freshest, and their personal customer service is unequaled."
Bernard J., NYC

"I visited Vermont this summer, and while in the Shelburne Museum gift shop, asked my cousin if Sweet on Vermont chocolates were any good. She said, 'Fabulous' right off the bat. So I purchased three small bars to take home (dark chocolate, dark with almonds and peppermint crunch). She was right. My husband and I love dark chocolate and have tasted chocolate in Switzerland, California and elsewhere. This is by far my favorite. Thanks for a wonderful product!"
Kris S., Colorado

"My very discerning aunt says that your dark chocolate is the best she has ever tasted. The assortment will be headed her way for the holidays. Maybe I'll even get a chance to taste a piece, but I'm not counting on it."
Sandra S., Minnesota
"Got the chocolate today - tried the milk chocolate first - it is simply spectacular. :) I'm going to give some away as stocking stuffers and likely horde the dark choc for myself."
Scott H., Minnesota

"If chocolates were a religion, you would be the messiah."
Amanda B., California

"Your chocolates are simply wonderful; and having lived in Paris for three years in a neighborhood of exquisite chocolatiers, I can tell you I am spoiled by the best. Many thanks for your good work and commitment to quality. I look forward to sharing them (second order) with some French friends who will be visiting me next week. Thanks."
Lynette, Massachusetts
"The pigouts are totally awesome. I ordered 2 lbs. this time, since when we ordered just 1 lb. last time they only lasted the day. I'm just hoping these will make it to Easter."
Todd A., Connecticut

"Michael just walked in the door from a business trip when your chocolates arrived, and the first thing he did was devour a cow crunch (between bites moaning, "This is the best").
A well-known NYC restauranteur

"Simply the BEST chocolatier you will likely ever find, with INCREDIBLE products and who takes the greatest individual customer care with their customers. Wish everyone else was like them! AAA+++"
"The chocolates...oh my, the chocolates! Truly never had anything that even approaches the quality of these...absolutely the best we've ever tasted! We rationed it out very carefully to make it last as long as possible, and enjoyed every bite."
"I have to be honest, I didn't think any chocolate could match last year's truffles from Payard. However, these handmade Vermont chocolates were something else. They were impossible to leave alone...wonder how she does the infusions of raspberry and espresso? It's like a fairy passed by with an eye-dropper of deep essence."
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