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Tara R.

"I confess...that I ate THE WHOLE BOX!!! I didn't even leave two for [my kids]! They were totally delish! Tara R., San Francisco

Marsha W.

"As a Thanksgiving gift, a guest brought me a box of your dark chocolate bark. I flipped out over its smooth, indulgent taste and refused to share it with my guests. My chocolate is all gone now, so I am ordering myself more of your...

Steve R.

"You have a fabulous product. Your almond brittle with chocolate is one of my favorite things to have stuck in my teeth!" Steve R., Utah

Rachel F.

"The chocolates arrived early this morning...what an excellent way to start off the weekend. The packaging is gorgeous and the caramels were amazing. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but they were so good that I did have to stop myself before I...

Corporate customer

"You are very popular at our office. The consensus is that the caramels are superb. They are almost gone. There is no office opinion about the other two items because those are going home. What is not yet clear is if the parents intend to...

Judy J.

"I've tried all the chocolate bars...all truly luscious...but the dark chocolate espresso crunch is transfixing: bewitching, astonishing, like tiny fireworks going off inside my mouth. Or, as they used to say in the '60s, 'Far Out!'" Judy J., NYC area