Shelf? Why would you put these babies on a shelf? Put them in your mouth! But seriously, folks, our Mooonlight in Vermont chocolate bars, Vermont Maple Brittle and bulk chocolate will stay fresh up to 6-12 months, and our other confections up to three months, if stored in cool (55-70°F), dry conditions. But don’t store them – eat them! Or share them with a friend or loved one…or someone you want to become your friend or loved one.

Many of our confections contain nuts, milk proteins and/or soy – please contact us with specific questions. Our chocolate is made with sunflower lecithin. All of our confections are made in a facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts and milk proteins.

All of our ingredients are certified kosher, and all of our confections are vegetarian. Our facility is not certified.

The following products are non-GMO/GMO-free: Bulk Chocolate, Chocolate Bark, Hottie Chocolate, Mooonlight in Vermont chocolate bars and Peanut Butter Pigouts.

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